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FALL 2023


Our mission is to provide the best designed, and maintained

landscape environments by the best people.

Honesty & Integrity Build Quality!


DesignScapes has been creating unique landscape environments since 1991. Using a team of skilled artisans, masons, and builders, each project is a custom design-build venture from the ground up. It is a combination of science and art, while incorporating extensive horticultural knowledge, and formal principals in landscape design and construction. Our areas of expertise include: Contemporary, Tuscan, Mediterranean, Modern-Contemporary, Formal-Classic, Tropical, and Xeriscape.

  • Your property needs to be warm and inviting to its visitors.

  • The landscape should connect with the guest on a personal level.

  • A smart, well-thought plan is the foundation. Our attention to detail delivers the “WOW!”

  • Lively colors and plant choice, look, feel and mood all play a role in achieving these results

  • It is critical for the landscape to act in harmony with the architecture of the home or building; they are a reflection on one another.


Whether commercial or residential; single-family or master-planned community: we listen to our clients to determine their needs.  Then we create a plan and set it in place. At DesignScapes we care about what we do and take pride in delivering a quality client experience.


  • A well-designed and properly maintained garden is a source of peace and inspiration

  • Reliable, routine maintenance is one of the most important considerations for any landscape

  • We insure your property will be meticulously and cost effectively maintained

  • Routine maintenance protects your landscaping investment and maintains the health and beauty of your property throughout the year.

  • Our skilled technicians can dramatically enhance the look and image of your property through our maintenance services.


Our local projects afford us the opportunity to create landscapes with sensitivity and respect for our area’s unique coastal environment. We strive to find balance between form and function to create successful landscape spaces. We believe that good design results from collaboration and responsiveness to the creativity and energies of clients, architects, and consultants, as well as respect for the requirements of site, program, and budget.


  • Our work emphasizes simplicity of design and contemporary planting compositions to add texture and richness.

  • Our objective is to provide and nurture harmony between architecture and site, and to create spaces that are thoughtful of ecology and aesthetically distinctive. Our classically trained designers provide a new, beautiful and functional space to make the most of your property.

  • Our projects are designed to endure in balance, beauty and elegance for the years and decades ahead.


DesignScapes’ technicians are experts in irrigation. A well-functioning irrigation system is critical in protecting plant health and sustaining  lush green lawns for years to come.


  • Landscapes need the right amount of water, in the right place and at the right time.

  • Too much or too little water can do extensive damage to lawns and plants.

  • Sustainability considerations are very important to most businesses today.  We understand how important LEED certification is to our customers, and having an environmentally friendly – responsible property.

  • Our services include irrigation design, installation, troubleshooting and maintenance.